Bill Ehrsam heard the call of the tiki in the early 1970's while visiting Adventure land at Walt Disney World. While the engineer in him was intrigued by the mechanics of the "Enchanted Tiki Room", it was the tiki carvings that inspired the artist. "I had no idea that I could carve until I was decorating my front yard" says Tiki Bill. "I wanted a bunch of tiki carvings around the front yard, but money was tight, so I decided to try my hand at carving some myself. After carving about three or four tikis, I started to get pretty good at it. Finally, enough people kept asking me to sell them a tiki, I just kept making more." Now you too can have a genuine "Tiki Bill" tiki to guard your garden, protect your porch, or decorate your den. Tikis are made to order so they aren't always in stock. Prices range from $50.00 to $150.00 per foot depending on the complexity of the design. Root ball hair-do tikis are more expensive because the logs are hard to get. Please look through our gallery or contact us for more details. Click here to see how a tiki is made. Tiki Bill tikis are hand carved with fine carving tools. While Tiki Bill will use a chainsaw for cutting the ends of the log or hollowing out the mouth of a tiki, the majority of carving is done with just a hammer and chisel. Tiki Bill tikis are not painted! Each tiki is finished by burning the palm wood with a propane torch, then it's brushed, and finally, a weather resistant coating of "Minwax Polycrylic" is applied. The finished tiki has an aged look, like it actually came from some exotic island! While Tiki Bill is influenced by many native island styles, these tikis are NOT replicas of Polynesian gods, nor are they supposed to be. They are inspired by memories of Polynesian pop from the late 1960's to early 1970's,  native carvings from many many different island regions, and watching way too many cartoons.